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I’ve always loved music. I grew up playing drums in local heavy bands and most of my friends played in bands of some kind, so I was stoked to work with my friends in What We Do In Secret and their label, Facedown Records, to launch their debut full-length album. What We Do In Secret, specifically Josh (the band’s vocalist), is very deep when it comes to lyrical writing and applying concepts and meaning to the music. Right off the bat, I knew I wanted to make something that had little hidden nods to the concept of the album. The album’s concept is really based around the idea of “repose” or “rest”. It shows several different examples of darkness, but with glimmers of hope and rest in their faith that they’ve found amidst the darkest situations. They hit on heavy topics like mental health, miscarriages and even cult-followings (See 918 – a reference to the Jonestown Massacre). Throughout the album, there is this tension between light and dark, with deep emotion somewhere in the struggle.

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