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Arbo's Cheese Dip


Arbo's Cheese Dip, Memphis's fast-growing cheese dip launched in Central Market stores all over Texas. 

Creative campaign, Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Photography, Animation, Video, Social Media Marketing, Organic Social Media, Paid Social Media

Made in collaboration with Laura Beth Gabriel copywriting. Footage shot by Hotkey Studios. Campaign executed by Paradigm.

The Texas chip served as the flagship creative piece for the Arbo's digital campaign.

This imagery was flushed out through other pieces to create a localized and consistent introduction to the lone star state's new favorite dip.

300x600 - Texas.jpg
728x90 - Texas.jpg
Arbo's Static Organic Social - Central Market Post.jpg
Arbo's Static Organic Social - Always Bold.jpg
Arbo's Static Organic Social - Rodeo.jpg
Arbo's Static Organic Social - Bless Your Heart.jpg
Arbo's Static Organic Social - Carousel 1.jpg
Arbo's Static Organic Social - Carousel 2.jpg
Arbo's Static Organic Social - Carousel 4.jpg
Arbo's Static Organic Social - Carousel 3.jpg


Howdy, Texas! Meet your new favorite grocery staple. Arbo’s Cheese Dip transforms a simple taco into a supreme, a basic noodle into a creamy mac and cheese – not to mention, it'll never leave a broken chip behind. Try some today. Available at a Central Market near you.

LB Gabriel wrote some amazing copy for this campaign. With an objective of introducing Arbo's Cheese Dip in a fun, localized tone — she killed it with messaging.

I edited and animated new video content to create engaging video ads that focused on what makes Arbo's great. 

Some videos focused on a specific RTB, while others showed a brand overview.

To help get maximize budget, we were even able to repurpose the footage that Hotkey Studios and I captured at the Arbo's photo/video shoot back in 2021.

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